Thursday, February 02, 2006

We apologise for the break in transmission

Hi there everybody
Sorry for the big gap since the last post but things got a bit hectic round here. Work, the weekend, and a business trip kind of put a crimp in all my plans to immortalise myself in prose on my blog.
I'm just happy that I had some time to knit, on Eris, not Rogue - I see that nobody pointed out my mistake. HMM - note to self - that was probably because NOBODY read that post. Anyway - Rogue WILL be knit in the round when I've finished fiddling with the pattern. I HATE HATE HATE sewing up seams.
In the meantime I have been knitting on Eris, a Kiri shawl that has a deadline and, just in case I was thinking that I was cutting down on the old WIP list I started up a baby blanket for a colleague due in May.
Need to shut up now and go do mom stuff.
Still busy with the countdown to the Knitting Olympics.
More things to come.

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