Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No - I haven't fallen off the planet

It just feels like a good idea right now.

Things have been SO NUTS around here and feeling EXHAUSTED all the time hasn't helped. I told the doctor that the problem must be that he's trying to adjust my thyroid hormone levels to what is "normal" for the "average" person. I didn't have my levels checked when I was feeling fine. "Maybe I'm abnormal" I said. Credit to the doc - he didn't disintegrate into laughter at that comment, but he did go a bit red in the face.

Anyhow - must get my rear in gear to take some progress pics. To my credit, I have been knitting and I will have my first (almost) pair of socks finished soon. They're (almost) a pair as I did the first one according to the pattern but didn't like the way the toe or heel felt so I'm doing the second one differently. If I like the way the revised version feels I'll rip out the first one and re-knit it.

OK - must go do mom things and try to stay awake.

Oh yeah, I'm trying to quit coffee - 8 or more cups a day CANNOT be good for me. 2 days now with only 2 cups. Of course, I'm now drinking tea but I don't like that as much so I drink a lot less. I suppose it's the lesser of two evils.