Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Day 1

OK - it is the first day of the Knitting Olympics and I have done - NOTHING!

I spent the day at one of the mines, got home late, need to make a cake and party packs for my daughter's birthday tomorrow, and will perhaps get to cast something on. Doesn't help that my oven appears to be acting up and I have a cake with burned edges and a raw centre. My daughter also wants a picture of Cassie from Dragon Tales on the thing. I have talked her out of having the whole picture and she has agreed to settle for just the face which will hopefully be easier for me to do.

Considering the burned edges I just might do a "shaped" cake, assuming the middle cooks. Otherwise I'll be off to the home industry shop tomorrow looking for a rectangular shaped cake to ice. Of course, if the little Miss Madam had made her mind up earlier I could have had one MADE.

AH WELL - the joys of motherhood never cease. This too shall pass. Before I notice it she will be a teenager and TOO COOL or ON DIET to want a cake made by me.

Today, incidentally, is not just the first day of the KO, it is the 6th anniversary of my EX dumping me. The mathematically minded will realise that, consdering my daughter has her birthday on Valentine's Day, this means that I got dumped the day my daughter was due. What can I say, his timing was ALWAYS impeccable.

Alright - must go and see if turning off the oven will lower the temperature enough for the middle of the cake to cook. I'll hopefully have some progress to post about tomorrow or I'll be one of the Olympic "also rans".

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auntgerry said...

Good luck on the cake. I started my socks for team Wales last night and got a bit done. But what is really driving me batty is I received some more beautiful cashmere yarn today and yesterday some Alpaca, so I have this dreamy stuff just sitting there crying to be knitted. The yarn for nthe Olymiic socks is really not great yarnn butn intend to keep going untill they are finished. Check the cashmere on my blog.