Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Hi there everybody. Today is my birthday. As my brother KINDLY pointed out to me this morning I am now 6 times older than my daughter.

I have also been reminded that I forgot to tell the world that my son turned 16 on 13 March. If I did remember then it's obviously senility setting in.

On the plus side I finished this :

Which looks like this close up :

This is a patternless baby blanket inspired by the Yarn Harlot's blankies for the Tinks. Unlike our beloved Stephanie, I do not labour under the belief that a baby will wait for it's knitting so this is finished well in advance of the due date. Not as well in advance as I first thought as I had to rip out the entire border as I didn't pick up enough stitches, but well in advance enough.

It was a nice, brainless, knit. I did the garter stitch middle until it was getting on my nerves and knitted the border until I was close to running out of yarn and SERIOUSLY starting to hate the whole thing. I'm just waiting to hear if either of the parents are allergis to cats. If they are I need to give this a GOOD wash before it goes to it's new home.

I'm going to ask for a pic of the baby in the blanket. If I do get one I'll post it here for your viewing pleasure.

Have a good day people. I'm off to eat black forest dessert. Everything has zero calories when it's your birthday - right?

Monday, May 01, 2006

OK I'm back Again

OK – I’m back (Again). Just as I decided that the time was right to share some more of my life with you, TELKOM decided to get in the way and – you guessed it – my phone stopped working. This was Wednesday morning and they finally got round to it yesterday. The cable was wet.

So – on to the things I wanted to tell you about sooner.

I got this in the mail :

The patterns are GORGEOUS, I’m still busy with the first Yarn Harlot book, and I’m trying to work out how to morph the space-time continuum to get to knit EVERYTHING I want and still read these books cover to cover.

I made some progress on my sixth sense socks :

And a little bit of progress on my jaywalkers :

I also got round to taking a picture of one of the Kiri shawls I have on the needles. It’s as big as the seat on a dining room chair but should be pretty enormous once it’s blocked.

I also finished a baby blanket but I'll darn all the ends in first before I take a picture. If only my house had tidied itself up while I was doing all this knitting things would be marvellous. AH WELL - If knitters ruled the universe this sort of thing would happen all the time.

OK – all for today. Will post more tomorrow.