Thursday, January 26, 2006

Team Buttons

Today, I knitted on Rogue as training for the Knitting Olympics.

I was also tagged but I will sort that out on the weekend when I have some time to collate my responses.

I also created a buton for "Team South Africa" as I got a bit tired of all the other countries having buttons.

I also signed up for "Team Wales" as I was born there. As I have dual nationality I see no reason not to belong to both teams.
Other than that there's not much to say today. I wound up (HA HA) spinning a bit of both fibers I paraded before you on Tuesday. Now it is RAINING and miserable so I'm off to knit some more. I'm only 2 rows away from the sleeve / body split so I'm feeling GOOD!


Kate said...

Just found your blog off the Knitting Olympics site. I am way on the other side of the world in Idaho, USA. The sweater you are doing looks gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing it in progress. Your buttons look great, and of course you can have 2 or more. There are some Fair Isle Knitting buttons out there too! Oh your markers look great too. I need to sit down and make some. I never have enough markers, but that is probably due to having too many projects going at once. Or maybe too many UFO's

Anonymous said...

Team South Africa? Whoo hoo! But where? Can I just be a cherleader in Eastern Cape, then? I'm also doing wristwarmers for daughter in every new yarn she sees me bring home - but better than those horrible eyelash scarves of last year. Good luck with the KO, Carol

Carol said...

Where are you 48 hour day? Still bogged down with your Olympic project? You were making buttons on your blog last time I looked!

Elize said...

Jayne I would like to do an article on the South African Knitting team for the Wool Industry - need photos as well Who can give more info pse pse pse!!!!

Elize said...

Would like to do article on the SA Knitting team for the Knitting Olympics - article for the wool industry newspaper - my contact details: 0836510371 - email: