Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I went in to get some flannel

Arthur Bales is having a sale for the next two weeks. On my way home from work I popped in to get some flannel to make into a receiving blanket for my domestic worker who will be a mommy very soon.

I was also going to get some wool to make a Christmas present for Jackie's teacher. I planned on buying 4 balls of Jaeger Matchmaker. It was 50% off. I asked if they had more black as I could only find 2 balls. The nice lady said that they had no more, and that once the stock they had was sold they would not be getting any more as it was being discontinued.

I love this stuff. 3 balls will make a set of fingerless mitts and a scarf. 4 balls will make a set of fingerless mitts and a bigger scarf. I can think of lots of people I can make sets for with this lovely wool.

I set about getting as many balls in as many colourways as I liked (or could think of people who would like them). I took a basket full of wool to the till.

I bought 49 balls.

I did also get the flannel.