Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Knitting in Public

OK - I have been stuck in a worshop since Monday. Full attention has been required but the use of hands has been sporadic at best. I have been eating TOO MANY of those little peppermints they put on the tables and drinking far too much coffee.

Today I took my knitting in with me. I got some work done on my sock and on a baby blanket. It's all part of my training for the Knitting Olympics which will start on Friday. I'm just amazed at how well everybody took it. I got a few annoying requests to be "added to the list for socks" but I explained to them that I have a job and THIS is a hobby. If I offer to make something (like the baby blanket) it is a hobby. If they ask me to make something (like socks) it becomes a job and they have to pay me the same hourly rate as my employer. They can't AFFORD me.

My daughter is having her birthday party on Saturday. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day but this is easier for a mom who works full day Monday to Friday. She handed out invitations over a week ago, I specifically asked that they reply, I invited the whole class - 20 kids. Number of calls to confirm - 2! Am I the only one who thinks that this is RUDE?

Anyway - must go to knit (what I want to be doing) or make party bags (what I should be doing). Still have to figure out how I'm going to make a Barbie cake in time for the party. At least my brother is off to house sit for a friend tomorrow so I'll get a break from him. He is getting on my nerves so much lately. I know I should just chill but sometimes it's not possible for me. I think the combination of him and my 15YO son who seems to think that schoolwork will do itself if he ignores it long enough is just getting to me. It doesn't help that the weather has been gloomy for AGES and doesn't seem to be clearing up.

Maybe the thrill of competing in the Olympics will jolt me out of this funk.


auntgerry said...

Hi Jayne, Thanks for signing my frapper map on my blog. I enjoyed reading your blog and will put it in my favorites to keep up with what your are knitting. I am also in the olympics and signed for Team Wales, in honor of my great grandparents who were from Monmouthshire Wales. I am knitting the red, white and blue socks. What are you going to knit?

djamgbakie said...

It's great to find your blogspot as this is the first South African one I have come across.I am an avid knitter from Midrand. Go Team South Africa. I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment so i am not sure how much knitting i will get done in the next few weeks but i am definately tagging your spot.