Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lots of Pictures today

Hi Everybody. I haven’t posted much for a while so I’m making up today.

First the bad news. I have decided to withdraw from the Knitting Olympics. I don’t know if it’s the sheer volume of knitting or the fact that I’m doing Fair Isle SERIOUSLY for the first time in my life or if it’s just that I’m not really used to holding yarn in both hands, but my hands and shoulders are SORE. I know that some of this is stress, but I do a lot of PC work and have had RSI issues in the past so I’d rather play it safe and retire hurt now rather than waiting for the doctor to tell me to stop. I will indeed finish the jacket. It is looking WONDERFUL and everybody who sees it loves it. I’m well into my second repeat of the pattern but not even half way to the Olympic finish line. I feel like such a failure.

Now the good news. I went shopping for sock yarn online here and it arrived yesterday. I had actually forgotten just how much I had ordered and was surprised by the size of the parcel. I got a lot of bulk boxes and told them to surprise me with the colours. There were 40 balls and 7 skeins in total.

Here’s EVERYTHING laid out on my bed.

Here’s the Opal yarn.

Here’s the Trekking.

Here’s the Regia.

Here’s the On Line and Sokka.

AND – here’s the Opal hand dyed stuff. Now I just need more needles so I can knit lots of socks at the same time.

I also decided to get out and meet people so I went to a Honey Fashion Accessories launch and signed up to sell the stuff. I don’t really need the cash but their stuff is GORGEOUS and it’s a way to get out of the house every now and again and meet people I don’t work with every day.


V said...

Mmmmm...nice score on the sock yarn!

Becky said...

Hi Jayne,
Wow! great stash! I recognize a few from my own heap of yarn.
Looks like you're all set for lots of sock-knitting goodness...

Emily said...

Very jealous over here. If I were closer I'd have to sneak some away :)

nrrdgrrl said...

hey! jayne!
[waves frantically]
i think we met, virtually - through bookcrossing? must be almost a year ago already.

i just found your blog through the knitolympics, so it's a bit funny to see you withdraw in the first thing i read ;)
but i readily admit i didn't even start as a participant, because there are way too many wips around already.

great news about martina's box. i ordered a similar amount, but picked it up in europe last month. had to pay overweight luggage on returning... tell us about shipping costs if you will?

all the best, miriam @ http://nrrdgrrl.nl/sok/

Ev said...

ohhhhhhhhh... i am SO green with envy. I see some Trekking (col 100) that I've used.. love it, love it, love it! Finally, someone with more sock yarn than I have! ;)

Beverly said...

That's an amazing sock stash. You should join Mama-E's Flash your Stash!! http://showmeyourstash.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayne-
just found your blog through Yarn Harlot, and noticed you represented Team South Africa.Yay!!! Your fair isle is beautiful for your first effort, don't feel like a failure at all! Ilove the sock yarns you got-especially the Opal hand dyed!! I'm a BIG sock knitter and spinner too.I'll be visiting my parents in Pretoria in June- first time I've visited in 15 years. I can't wait. I know that the city and the provinces have all been renamed since I was there last. Do they have any good yarn shops you'd recommend? (I'll also be starting on Levoxyl as I'm having thyroid surgery on the 14th. I hope that they can prescribe the correct amount.)
Chris christinegiroux@yahoo.com