Sunday, April 23, 2006


Bugger this! I signed up for gym in the vain hope that I'd have a chance to get out of the house and actually get into a shape other than "out of". Well, despite putting up timetables and getting promises of assistance from the family, unless I actually tie them down I don't get to go.

Today I was planning on going to Yoga at 5:30. I TOLD my brother this. He SAID he'd come in to keep an eye on the kids (after stern reminders from me) so I could go. Well, I got busy making cupcakes and sort of assumed he'd pop in at about 5, say something like "Here I am, shouldn't you go get ready?". HELL NO! He wanders in, I ask him what time it is, he says 5:25. I resist the urge to kill him in front of my 6YO, indulge in some theraputic yelling, and instead of getting in some stretching and relaxing get in 4 chocolate cupcakes instead. GEE - isn't that going to do WONDERS for my waistline?

I've also been trying to find route maps for the municiapl bus sytem. No such chance. All you can get is a pdf file of the timetables. Now that is SO USEFUL.


On a lighter note I'm almost finished my Sixth sense socks, my Jaywalkers are coming along nicely, and they've finished chopping down the trees so my next week of leave should be chainsaw free.

I want to run away.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have been a BUSY Girl

I have been a busy girl.

I changed this

Into this

With assistance from my brother, son, a drill borrowed from a friend, LOTS of bad language and 2 hours of all our lives. I am WOMAN. Watch me hang blinds.

I also tried the prescription bottle nostepinde as suggested on the Townsend Knit Along. It worked an absolute charm, but I think a slightly bigger bottle would come in handy. You can see the procedure below.

The bottle used to contain Slow Mag, I borrowed the swift, the yarn is Opal hand dyed colour number 20 and the instructions are from Hatchtown farm.

The ball begins.

It grows.

And grows.


And finally leaves the bottle.

Then, having converted a skein into a centre pull ball I used my barrel warping mill (for the first time ever – I also have a loom that currently functions as a clothes horse) like so:

To convert the ball into two skeins of equal length. I wound one into a ball from the inside of the skein out and the other into a ball from the outside of the skein in. This gave me two balls with the colours running in the same direction. See – aren’t they pretty.

Which I am using to knit Jaywalkers. I should, of course, be finishing my socks for the SixSox knitalong but these are calling my name.

Also, when I was downloading these pictures I found some photos I don’t remember taking. This is me taking a nap. I CERTAINLY didn’t take this picture. I remember the cat being there but not the teddy.

See – more teddy pictures.

FINALLY – the culprit revealed in a sneaky self portrait.

Moral of the story – don’t let your 6YO learn how to use the digital camera!

Friday, April 14, 2006

BOY - it's been a WHILE!

OK – I am back. I have decided that I need to get a bit of discipline and start posting something at least once a week.

Things have been a bit hectic here at the Wagner residence. I have, despite a LOT of provocation, managed not to kill my son or brother. They both need lessons in common sense and "not doing things that will make mom / Jayne want to kill them". My daughter lost her first tooth, and I found out how to knit two socks on one circular needle.

In other news, I’ve joined the wonderful world of network marketing (a link to my retail site will follow once I get it organised) and if you’d like to know more in the meantime just drop me a line at dwagner at mweb dot co dot za. This will have to do until I figure out how to put in one of those nifty little links that says “e-mail me”.

I've also joined a gym and have been having some serious fun trying all the classes - Plates, Aquarobics and Spinning so far. More to follow as they fit into my schedule.

SO – here are some pics for your visual amusement:

Jackie with her gap :

My socks :
Pattern – Six Sox knitalong – April 2006 pattern
Yarn – Trekking XXL Colour 43
Needle size – 2mm
Model – my feet

Also, on the sock front, my sock yarn was featured in a “Flash your stash” pic. Fame at last!

Must be off now to eat dinner and do mom stuff. Will do my best to post something tomorrow too.