Sunday, February 12, 2006

Good News and Bad News

It is Day 3 of the Knitting Olympics. I have good news and I have BAD NEWS.

The good news is that, despite it pouring with rain yesterday afternoon, my daughter's Birthday Party went VERY WELL. I got the cake finished, she was delighted, and my house is still standing. Photos and more info will follow when I have time to do something other than knit on my Olympic project.

The bad news is that, this morning, while admiring the progress that I had made, I realised that my jacket (knitted in the round) had a TWIST in it. It was only while I was ripping it out that I realised that I could probably just have cut the steek early, untwisted, and carried on, but it's too late for that now. I have just reached the point I was at this morning. At least I'm past the garter stitch edging - For the record it is a PAIN doing colour work in garter stitch in the round as you have to do every second row in purl and it is a BUGGER to keep moving the wool back and forth to keep the little draggy bits at the back.

HOWEVER, now I am on to knitting EVERY row things should speed up. It is looking GORGEOUS and feeling lovely too. Photos will follow when I get a bit ahead on the knitting.

Off to knit some more.



auntgerry said...

Im looking forward to seeing the pictures. I have passed the heel on my first sock and now it is knit, knit, knit till the toe. I have to be finished with one by Friday and then start again on the second. I hate doing the second sock so I gave my self longer to do the second one.

Lee Ann said...

ARRGGHH! I'm also doing some colorwork for the Knitting Olympics--I must have checked a dozen times for that twist, but still expected to see it 10 rows in. Thankfully, it didn't happen.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Zauberflote--it's one of the designs over at Virtual Yarns I've been drooling over for a while now.