Sunday, June 04, 2006

What I did on my weekend

WOW - I have had one BUSY weekend. Time to shop but not to sort out pics. They will follow tomorrow.

Saturday morning was a mad run around of the monthly shop.

Then I met Ingrid at Arthur Bales (she doesn't have a blog or I'd link to her) where we did some shopping. I already have FAR too much yarn but bought enough nice chunky stuff to make 2 quick knit sweaters. I've been knitting mostly socks lately so this seems to go so quickly. Ingrid also got yarn for two scarves, yarn for a nice chunky sweater (I need to help her out a bit as she, poor thing, has left all her knitting needles with her mom and needs a push to knit without a commercial pattern for the sweater). Then to Mama Tembo's for a snack. Daughter liked the kids play centre and trampoline. We bribed her with a visit to Ingrid's kittens to get her away.

Then home to meet Miriam who said such nice things about me on her blog. It was fun to play with her wheel for a bit and even more fun to see what a good time she was having with the spinning. The cat really appreciated being kept all snuggly warm by her rear end. I usually just pull the "It's MY house" card, and sit on her until she moves and I get a nice warm seat.

Sunday was more shopping, visited Jane for tea and scones, saw how happy she was to get one of her basset hounds back from the vet, a bit of a nap with the daughter (we were both a bit tired after all the running round on Saturday), started on the first chunky sweater - I need to track down 15mm circular needles for the other one - and did some mom stuff.

All in all a pretty good weekend. Just wish it was a bit longer.

Will post pics tomorrow.

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