Friday, June 02, 2006

I was going to post some pictures .....

BUT - it's almost 10:30 pm here and I really need to get some sleep before work tomorrow.

I was at my knitty group meeting and we kind of lost track of time. The place started switching the lights on and off and ostentatiously closing the doors so we got the hint.

We had 3 people there tonight - Miriam, Ingrid and me. Miriam and I knitted socks, I showed off my new skill - I've just learned to cable without a cable needle, and Ingrid sat there looking miserable and complaining about how much better our knitting looked than hers. As she didn't BRING any knitting with her we had no chance to do a real comparison so she might just have been moaning for no reason at all.

I MUST take photos as I have 2 almost completed pairs of socks to show off and two partial pairs. Will try to do that tomorrow. The almost completed socks just need ends darned in but my darning needles have gone AWOL. I have also managed to misplace a BRAND NEW 2.5mm circular needle. I'll go past the shops on the weekend and buy replacements. That is the best way to ensure that I'll find the first lot. I've also misplaced a tape measure, the only one I have that shows measurements in inches and centimetres. I'm hoping that it's hanging out with the assorted missing needles and will reappear along with them when they hear the siren call of their replacements. Am I the only person this happens to?

Miriam has just bought a wheel and will be visiting me on Saturday for a spinning session. Ingrid might come past for a sock knitting lesson, and maybe Jackie, who told me today that her friend's mom is STUPID as she doesn't know how to knit, will get back into the spinning thing and actually TRY her Pinkie wheel instead of using it as a little clothes horse.

Jackie does actually want me to teach her to knit so I'm going to try that tomorrow evening. She wanted to try tomorrow morning but I explained that I need to go to work.

I will post pictures tomorow, PROMISE!

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nrrdgrrl said...

poor ingrid - we were just quickly showing each other what we'd done in the time i was away, and she visibly perceived this as a game of fibery testosterone distance peeing match.

cross my heart ingrid, that wasn't it! it was just a hypered version of show and tell. honestly.

and: we loved having you there and look forward to your participating next time. because it's even better when you knit too.