Monday, January 23, 2006

First Finish of 2006

In order to make up for my REALLY SHORT first entry and TOTAL LACK of subsequent posts I thought I’d make up for it and do a HUGE post today.

First off – here is my first finish for 2006 modelled by the happy recipient, my 5YO (6 on Valentine’s Day) daughter Jacqueline.

It isn’t that obvious in this picture, but she is REALLY NUTS about the fingerless mittens as you can see here.

They’re adapted from this Knit Picks pattern. The pattern called for them to be knit flat and then seamed up the back. Personally I’d rather do housework than sew up knitting (YES – I hate it that much) so I knit them in the round. These were made mainly so that I could keep MY pair which, being a good mommy, I have not yet finished so that my daughter could get hers first.

I’d also like to introduce one of my cats. This is Angel. The kids chose her name as they declared she would be an angel. Well, the adults in the family have renamed her Angel – preceded by a silent “Fallen” or “Dark” as that is more appropriate. She is also known as the “Kamikaze Monster Mog” or, according to the other cat, Princess (photo to follow) “OH NO – YOU AGAIN”. My cats do not co-habit peacefully. They will, after over a year in the same house, sit at opposite ends of the lounge and hiss and spit at each other. If they are closer than, say 50cm apart they will fight and hiss and swear at each other in cat.

We also have 4 dogs, I have a 15YO son, Michael and my brother, Leslie, lives with us too. Photos that are not shown today will follow once I get my rear in gear to crop some photos and post them.

That will have to do for today. I’ll post something about my plans for the Knitting Olympics tomorrow.


knittygirl said...

Welcome to the blogging world, a world which I still don't even pretend to understand, especially as I'm usually too lazy to update my own blog!
I had to comment since I just finished purple fingerless mitts for my own daughter, who is soon to turn 5! She absolutely loves them!


Zippianna said...

Well that is a whopper of a post. Welcome to blogging. I hide from my own spent feelings in my blog. hehe

Darling little child and I bet she loves her fingerless mitts. Is that cat jealous or did you make some for the cat?

I hope you will keep this up, and Knittygirl too. A woman can not read too many knitting blogs. It's a good medicine for the soul.