Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hi All
As promised – here are some photos.

Me with my new haircut. Yes, I now have almost no hair and yes, I got it done at the barber shop when I took my son for a trim. I LOVE having my hair this short – seriously low maintenance. My PI shawl – just the edging needs to be done now. It’s for Miriam’s little girl. Hopefully I’ll get it done when she’s still of a size to use it.

Birch – not bad for a little over a week’s worth of knitting.

Birch close up – this bit is right at the bottom so if you see a mistake PLEASE just keep quiet.

My loot from the sale – all at 20% off. The pink and blue KSH will be used to knit up Christmas presents. The green is about 900m of 4 ply cotton. I know what I’m using the KSH for; just need a pattern (for ME) that I can use the cotton in. I’m thinking a nice summer tank top or something. Suggestions?
Jackie’s bag. Bag made from Knit Picks Wool of the Andes “Natural White”. Pattern made up as I went along. Felted / Fulled to make it a bit smaller and more durable. Buttons sewn on as directed by daughter to make a flower. OK – two posts in one day – I’m getting better. I’m off to visit one of the mines tomorrow and will only be in a fit state for blogging from Wednesday. Will try to post then.

Have a good week everybody.


nrrdgrrl said...

ha, we can see you like the hairdo, you look positively smug!

congrats on the little bag, it's really cute. white is a dangerous colour because it will have to be washed more often but what the bleep.

excellent colour choice for the diva. i've been wondering what pi means though? not 3,14 apparently.

on my way to post pics of my loot from that same pre-sale sale... happy mining!

nrrdgrrl said...

is this something you fancy? looks like it could be nice when non-fluffy in khaki cotton.

Gina said...

Hey lady! Looks good! I would love to have short hair but I just cant do it! I dyed my hair this weekend... maybe I will take a pic in a bit! Love the knits.. Love the PI shawl! Love the Birch! Man you are going at it!

Hope all is well!!!
Will talk soon.. ON IM all the time now!

José said...

Hi, nice to see you 'in person'! And thanks for your plying advise, viaviavia other blogs and mails ;-)