Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I am a HORRIBLE Person

OK - I am a horrible person. I have still not sent Gina her birthday present, I have still not finished the baby shawl for Miriam, and I am currently neglecting just about everything I possibly can just so that I can knit on Birch. I think this is the most wonderful pattern I have ever knitted. The KSH knits up all soft and fluffy and it really feels like you are knitting with thin air, it's just so light. The whole casting on 299 stitches went just fine, I haven't made any mistakes that I couldn't fix on the next row, and as the number of stitches decreases it just seems to be going faster and faster. I am almost finished with my second ball of KSH, and feel very much that I am just about on the home stretch.

Another indication of what a monster I am - Gina was the one who helped me get hold of the pattern and we were going to have a knitalong. I was going to "just cast on" and wait for her to be ready.

No hate mail, PLEASE.

On the plus side I've been to gym twice this week.

Photos of knitted stuff will follow when I have the time. That is, when I've finished Birch.


Anonymous said...

put down that knitting *now* - arthur bailes is having a pre-sale sale. 20% off if you buy over... i think it was r125.

btw pls remind me i owe you r35 from the obcz opening. i keep forgetting.

Anonymous said...

here see that's me but i couldn't fill that in -