Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have been a BUSY Girl

I have been a busy girl.

I changed this

Into this

With assistance from my brother, son, a drill borrowed from a friend, LOTS of bad language and 2 hours of all our lives. I am WOMAN. Watch me hang blinds.

I also tried the prescription bottle nostepinde as suggested on the Townsend Knit Along. It worked an absolute charm, but I think a slightly bigger bottle would come in handy. You can see the procedure below.

The bottle used to contain Slow Mag, I borrowed the swift, the yarn is Opal hand dyed colour number 20 and the instructions are from Hatchtown farm.

The ball begins.

It grows.

And grows.


And finally leaves the bottle.

Then, having converted a skein into a centre pull ball I used my barrel warping mill (for the first time ever – I also have a loom that currently functions as a clothes horse) like so:

To convert the ball into two skeins of equal length. I wound one into a ball from the inside of the skein out and the other into a ball from the outside of the skein in. This gave me two balls with the colours running in the same direction. See – aren’t they pretty.

Which I am using to knit Jaywalkers. I should, of course, be finishing my socks for the SixSox knitalong but these are calling my name.

Also, when I was downloading these pictures I found some photos I don’t remember taking. This is me taking a nap. I CERTAINLY didn’t take this picture. I remember the cat being there but not the teddy.

See – more teddy pictures.

FINALLY – the culprit revealed in a sneaky self portrait.

Moral of the story – don’t let your 6YO learn how to use the digital camera!

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