Sunday, April 23, 2006


Bugger this! I signed up for gym in the vain hope that I'd have a chance to get out of the house and actually get into a shape other than "out of". Well, despite putting up timetables and getting promises of assistance from the family, unless I actually tie them down I don't get to go.

Today I was planning on going to Yoga at 5:30. I TOLD my brother this. He SAID he'd come in to keep an eye on the kids (after stern reminders from me) so I could go. Well, I got busy making cupcakes and sort of assumed he'd pop in at about 5, say something like "Here I am, shouldn't you go get ready?". HELL NO! He wanders in, I ask him what time it is, he says 5:25. I resist the urge to kill him in front of my 6YO, indulge in some theraputic yelling, and instead of getting in some stretching and relaxing get in 4 chocolate cupcakes instead. GEE - isn't that going to do WONDERS for my waistline?

I've also been trying to find route maps for the municiapl bus sytem. No such chance. All you can get is a pdf file of the timetables. Now that is SO USEFUL.


On a lighter note I'm almost finished my Sixth sense socks, my Jaywalkers are coming along nicely, and they've finished chopping down the trees so my next week of leave should be chainsaw free.

I want to run away.

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Gina said...

As long as I can run away with you!!! It will all be ok! I have a FREE gym membership here at work and I havent been in 3 weeks.... nothing good about that!!!!!