Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's see if this works


I have not blogged in ages.

I have not posted much on Ravelry in ages.

I have done plenty of knitting but very little posting of finished items.

My step father died (at home - his home, not my home, thankfully, but still much more awkward than dying in hospital).

My mother now lives with me.

My good friend Georgia lost her battle with breast cancer.

I have been retrenched.

I have found a new job.

I have adopted a 3 week old kitten (now almost 5 weeks) and we are hand rearing it (you cannot tell gender this early with kittens - at least I can't).

I have been self-medicating the associated stress with chocolate and am approaching the point when my clothes will not fit any more.

I need to get off my rapidly expanding rear end and DO SOMETHING.

I have changed the template for this blog. Maybe that will help.

1 comment:

Cristina said...

And here she is!!!
Welcome back friend :)