Sunday, September 02, 2007

A funny sort of post

Just a quick post before I get so far behind with stuff that I fall over

It has been a funny few weeks.

Friday Jackie had a “Spring day” thing at school so I made her a hat with an old sunhat, some flowers, some ivy, and a hot glue gun. She looks a bit demented in this picture but I think that’s just the angle I took it at.

I also finished a pair of socks for her on Friday night. They are shown here with her feet in “playful” mode. I’ve put the egg-flips in for scale again so you can see just how small her feet are compared to her brothers.

She likes them a lot, but wants “long socks” – all the way up to her knees for the next pair. I can’t really complain as this is the same child who has told her friend’s mothers that they are stupid because they can’t knit. She also told me the other day that she knows that I love her much more than her friend’s mothers love them as their mothers just buy them clothes while I knit them things.

In other news – I resurrected my membership of the Six-Sox knitalong and am well into the latest pattern. I’m doing the little cables in a twisted stitch as I didn’t like the way it looked before. It seems much nicer now.

This is what it looked like earlier:

OK – that’s all for now. I need to finish my project proposal for my MSc this week and my task for the weekend, well, Sunday, as that is pretty much all that is left of the weekend now, is to get most of that done.

This is going to be complicated by the fact that I dug out some cross stitch projects while looking for a thin needle to do a Russian join with. I am torn. I think I will have to bribe myself – 15 minutes of cross stitch for every 30 minutes of REAL work on the project proposal – sitting and staring at the screen doesn’t count.


Gina said...

WOOHOO!!! You're back!!!!!
I too rejoined Six Sox... lol I cant wait to start knitting something else! Hopefully we can both start posting more again!

nrrdgrrl said...

because i know you have nothing else to do all day and are extremely bored because you can't think of a way to spend your day:
sock wars 2 is on!