Thursday, October 12, 2006

Good News, Bad News and GREAT NEWS

In Order :

I finished my Sock Wars sock and they are now on their way to my victim. Sorry for the bad photo but it was late and I was tired. They look MUCH better in person.

This was at the Post Office when my brother posted the parcel.

I am now officially out of Sock Wars. I am a bit sad but the socks are WONDERFUL, they fit BEAUTIFULLY, and the sweets are liquorice – the salty Dutch kind – I LOVE that stuff.

Now – the GREAT NEWS – I won a runner-up prize in the KNITTY calendar contest. All confidential about the pic right now, but I had to share with you. Miriam (whose husband did the photography) has already blogged about it. Now I just need to get them a high-res version, send them my snail mail, and they’ll send me STUFF! This is SO AMAZING – I don’t usually win competitions, and considering that life has been quite stressful lately, this is a welcome break.


nrrdgrrl said...

ag i intended to ask. so you perished in the sock wars eventually? it sounds like you kept up really long!

nrrdgrrl said...

ps so who killed you? could well be i know her?