Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Saved by a KNITTY episode

OK – I was planning on giving you a long and involved reason for why I haven’t posted in ages. I was going to let you know that I’ve finished my Pomatomus socks (they look lovely, thanks for asking, photo to follow shortly) and fucked up Icarus (made one of the side thingies into the middle thingy and didn’t notice – lace surgery to follow shortly). I was also going to include a brief history of my life the last few weeks, with the postgrad course, and the exam, and the assignment, and all the travelling for work (including the progressively weirder 5 hour night time drive from Springbok to Cape Town with a man I will NEVER (I will make sure of it) see again who decided to tell me all about his sexually dysfunctional relationship with his wife).

Then, I found THIS article.

My life will never be the same. I am using this method to knit two socks for Jackie, who is growing like a weed, and will hopefully fit into the ones I am making regardless of them being a teeny bit loose. As suggested I’m using different colours of wool but I can’t see why I really need to. I’m doing them toe up, starting with short row toes, and everything has gone swimmingly so far. I’m taking pictures and will share them with you all (oh 2 or 3 readers) so you can see that I’m not lying. Once this bit is done, on to another pair of Pomatomus socks - I have the PERFECT ball of red wool or something with cables – YEAH I LIKE CABLES.


nrrdgrrl said...

sweetie, you do realize that you need to explain e-ve-ry-thing about the springbok man next time we meet?
fingers crossed for your assignment, hang in there!
(afterwards please do tell me all about the play pen man as well. please do.)

Jesse said...

Been dying to do Potomamus - how much of a challenge were they? Have you seen Eunny's tiny cable socks? (September 16 post)

Zarah said...

Well, I know this post is over a year old, but I just wanted you to know that a complete stranger reads your blog :) I was lead to it from another blog (good luck getting me to remember which one) and since I love to read about what other crafty people are doing (not to mention covet their works) you'll often find me lurking around. I just crochet for now (knitting is in my future, somewhere) but that doesn't stop me from all the coveting. ;)