Friday, August 04, 2006

WHY is it ?????

Why is it that people, who you have TOLD that you DO NOT take requests for knitted items (other than from your children) as it then becomes a JOB which you ALREADY HAVE and if it’s a JOB you should be paid the same as WORK pays you, still get that “WHY EVER NOT?” look on their faces when they ask you to make them something and you say “NO”?

Yes, I DID make something for Alegra when she had the baby, but I OFFERED to make it, she didn’t ASK, and it was a GIFT for use by the BABY.

Why is it that people, who would not come up and grab your jacket off your chair and try it on (at least they haven’t yet, maybe they do it secretly while I’m off getting coffee or in the loo), feel free to pick up knitted things from the desk (socks, gloves) and TRY THEM ON?

This is usually followed by “Won’t you make me one” followed by me saying “Yes, I won’t” while smiling in a friendly fashion. It’s AMAZING how long some people take to work out what I’ve said.

Why is it that people, who (once again I’m assuming here) wouldn’t walk up to a painter or a sculptor or a glass blower or a potter and start groping THEIR project feel free to come over and PAW knitting / sewing / spinning / other fiber or fabric type craft thingy and get offended when you pull it away (resisting the urge to poke them with something sharp and metallic) and ask them if their hands are clean?

They don’t seem to realise that the “Are your hands clean?” and the accompanying glare of death are warning signs of a crafter on the edge who is resisting the URGE to THUMP THEM for their AUDACITY.

Why is it that people seem to think that saying nice things about your work will make you magically forget that you didn’t give birth to them?

Yes, I know I do good work. Yes, I know I knit quickly. Yes, I know I make beautiful things. Yes, I know it would take you a whole lot longer to knit it for yourself than it would take me to knit if for you, but I DON’T CARE. I am more than willing to help you find yarn and a pattern and to talk you through the tricky bits. However, my “free” time is MINE and I do what I want in it.

Yes, it’s been one of those weeks at work. I will be better over the weekend when I see about tidying up my stash so I can try to fit a table into my bedroom for my sewing machine and cutting board and good things like that.

There will be photos and less ranting tomorrow, PROMISE!

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